Rules and Requirements

Requirements to Join

• Capping at Citadel
• Strictly 18+ in age

Clan Rules

• Be Respectful -leave out talk on religion, politics
• We swear yet do not disrespect others by swearing at them
• We are social clan, if you don’t talk maybe re think

Clan Chat:boss battles
Years: 2017-Present
World: 64
Time zone: Stander Game Time

Things we offer

• Maturity And Respect
• Active Clan Chat
• Various Clan Events


• Corporeal Beast
• Kalphite Queen/King
• King Black Dragon
• Nex…
• Ask us about others!

Capping and visiting explained


Being a clan of highly active players, the bonus of 3-6% the clan avatars offer is too good to pass up. Without an active citadel (i.e.clannie capping), the avatars are taken away & their awesome xp isn’t available to us.

Three types of free xp are available to clannies that cap:

1. Fealty-for any clan member being in the clan 3 weeks + and capped each week. Check your clan cloak for 3 stars
2. Capping Bonus xp-this is awarded to players who have completed ½ their capping requirement
3. Avatar extra xp-3% if on the same world, 6% if close to the avatar

If you have skill levels to achieve, and want to request one skill in citadel to help, please make a post where the capping amounts are, and Admin will reply.

Chain of Command in Terms of Avatar
Key Rank > Coordinator > Organizer > Admin. If no rank is on, we will allow a sergeant+ rank to take an avatar so all clannies benefit from the xp. The sergeant needs to have fully completed their cap.

Capping & posting needs to be completed by Wednesday

Please include the date you capped.

Visit count

A citadel visit
is just as important to ensure the citadel upgrades are obtained.

**Capping is a clan requirement therefore necessary to keep your rank**

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